Growing up I was constantly teased and bullied for having thick eyebrows and even worse for having a unibrow. My experience as a kid with bushy eyebrows is what inspired my passion for the beauty industry. I never imagined then that being constantly teased would fuel my passion for eyebrow perfection.  In 2003, I received my Esthetician License and began my career in the beauty industry. 15 years of experience within the beauty industry, with a focus on eyebrows, has made me well equipped to provide the best possible experience for my clients. What is most rewarding is seeing the smile on my clients faces after they look at their new eyebrows. We all know that beauty comes from within, but our physical attributes somehow always affect how we feel about ourselves. This is more so for people who have had very negative experiences with inexperienced technicians or have slowly lost their eyebrows due to age or illness. Of course what’s inside matters most, but if you’re not confident about the way you look, it causes unneeded insecurities. That’s why I take my role very seriously because at the end of the day my clients walk out happier and more confident.

Lucy Hart Ink is the result of my obsession with beauty perfection.  As the leading Microblading / Permanent Makeup studio in Los Angeles, we offer the absolute best to our amazing clients.  Our intense attention to the details and our dedication to providing the absolute best customer service are just two of the reasons for our success.  At Lucy Hart Ink we never stop learning and educating ourselves on the latest and greatest in the Cosmetic Tattoo Industy so that YOU always get the best of everything. 

Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and Never give up.