Welcome to Lucy Hart Ink

With one of the foremost permanent makeup artists in the world, expert eyelash artists, highly-trained tattoo removal technicians,  and experienced estheticians, our beauty studio has one of the most qualified rosters you’ll see in the industry.

As you walk into Lucy Hart Ink, you’ll notice our décor is evocative of the gorgeous art deco vibes that make up historic Downtown Los Angeles’s signature aesthetic. We’ve worked hard to curate the perfect balance between minimalist and vintage-chic, taking as much pride in our image as we do in our work.

Most of you haven’t considered doing permanent makeup because you fear it won’t look natural, but you have nothing to fear anymore.  Due to the latest advancements in the beauty industry as well as our expert technicians, you can now have the perfect eyebrows you have always wanted.

Just having the latest technology isn’t enough though as we some of you have experienced.  The artist performing the procedure is the most important piece of the puzzle and can make a world of difference.  You can rest assured that you will leave Lucy Hart Ink with beautiful eyebrows that look natural and are perfect for your face.

We all know that beauty comes from within, but feeling beautiful on the outside gives us the confidence we need to thrive.  And what better way to feel beautiful from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep than having perfect eyebrows you don’t have to fill in.  

“First of all I want to thank you for changing my life, Lucy (@LucyHartink)!!! The amazing work you did on my eyebrows is unbelievable. I had a scar on my eyebrow and had to always fill it in and now it is completely covered. You gave me a perfect shape and fullness. I can’t thank you enough for changing my whole face appearance. I never have to buy eyebrow pencils again which saves me tons of money. So the money I paid for your work was worth every penny. The color never faded or changed and it’s been three months, looks exactly as the same day you did your magic!! I have gotten so many compliments and recommended my family and friends to you and let me tell you that they all feel the same as me!! So thank you again.”  Narine Gabrelian

“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.”

It’s time to focus on you and be the best version of your self, starting with your eyebrows!