EliminInk: The Future of Tattoo Removal

In this day and age, getting a tattoo is pretty common. Going into the procedure, everyone knows that a tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, some tattoo artists aren’t quite so skilled at their craft. Other times, people can outgrow their... read more

How To Get The Best Eyelash Extensions For Your Face

Ever wish you could simplify your makeup routine, but still look amazing? If there’s one surefire way to stand out in a crowd, it’s getting custom eyelash extensions. This semi-permanent procedure is painless and lasts up to several weeks, and eliminates the need for... read more

Why A Lash Lift Is The Natural Beauty Choice For You

If you want long, beautiful lashes but you don’t feel like eyelash extensions are the right choice for you, you might feel like there are no other options. Prescription lash growth treatments like Latisse are expensive, come with a whole host of side effects, and... read more

Throw Away Your Mascara — Why You Need A Lash Tint

As big lashes have become ever-popular as the latest must-have cosmetic trend (thanks Kardashian-Jenners!), beauty fanatics from around the world have been exploring ways to enhance their everyday look. Going beyond the use of mascara and strip-lash falsies with... read more

Does it hurt? How long is the procedure and healing time?

The most common permanent makeup procedures take place on the lip, brow, and lash line areas of the face. Because these areas are very delicate, and permanent makeup procedures involve a color-depositing needle in the skin, the process can be quite painful without any anesthetic.

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Who Benefits Most From Permanent Makeup?

Many women choose permanent makeup as an option because they are busy and don’t have time for everyday makeup application. Permanent makeup offers women on the go, like busy moms, businesswomen, or doctors, the opportunity to wake up with a fresh-face and not spend time applying makeup in the morning.

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Why Eyebrows Are So Important To Your Face

Nearly every woman knows the pain of bad eyebrows. Whether it was the time you over-plucked them in 9th grade, or when you went to your first salon and the lady waxed them unevenly, we all have had that one time when our poor brows had to struggle to get back to normal.

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What Exactly Is Permanent Makeup? How Is It Different Than Tattooing?

Many people’s initial thoughts about permanent makeup immediately jump to shaved-off eyebrows that have been replaced with what look like Sharpie squiggles. That’s enough to put most of us off derma-pigmentation forever. However, newer permanent makeup techniques simply act to “fill-in” brows, as if with a powder, or to actually mimic the appearance of natural hair growth.

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